Is this your face when you think about solving the Rubik's cube?

One of the biggest brain teasers ever made the Rubik's cube has sold over 400 million copies. But most of those have probably never been solved! If you're here because your Rubik's cube is sat unsolved then solve the Rubik's cube here!

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Rubik's cube was so popular the it spawned a host of other puzzles as well. There's the mini or Pocket Cube which is a 2x2x2 version of the original cube and is a great first step before attempting the full Rubik's cube. There's also the Floppy Cube which is just one layer of the original cube and therefore drastically simpler. And then there is the Domino Cube which is two layers of the original cube and somewhere in between the Floppy and Rubik's cube in terms of difficulty. Each presents its own challenge and all the solutions are on the website.

But it doesn't end there. The cube has also been made bigger... the 3x3x4 Cube is like a Rubik's cube with a Floppy cube on top but has a completely different solution to any of the puzzles mentioned so far! Then you get different shapes entirely such as the Skewb which is a great challenge if you've already completed the Rubik's cube since it has a completely different way of turning! And, different again, there's also the Pyraminx which is Pyramid rather than a cube/cuboid so is very different in its own right - although its turning style is similar to the Skewb!

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