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Rubik's Puzzles was set up to provide easy to follow solutions to the Rubik's cube and more. It exists primarily as a source of information for those who want to beat the Rubik's cube or Pyraminx or Skewb etc. If you find an error please let us know via our contact form and sorry if it ruins any hours of work you might have put into solving your puzzle!! Likewise whilst we are adding solutions as and when we can if there is one you really want to know please use the contact form and let us know! We'll put you on a mailing list and drop you an e-mail when it's done!


Whilst this website is all about giving you, the reader, solutions to tricky puzzles so that you can finally sleep at night, it does cost money to run and maintain a website - both physical sterling pounds and time. Therefore you'll find some adverts on some pages. Most of these link to Amazon products and these are obvious since they look like this with the well known external link symbol:

Rubik's Cube

Or it will be super obvious and it's a picture advert!

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